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PPCC Art Students and Concrete Couch Present an Outdoor Art Viewing

Colorado Springs–May 4, 2021–Pikes Peak Community College art students and their instructors along with Concrete Couch volunteers and staff have created sculptures, murals and paintings at the Concrete Coyote Campus. They have worked together for more than a month to forge community and creativity in the time of COVID. 

The media and the public are invited to an unveiling event Thursday, May 13, 3:30-5:30pm at Concrete Couch's CONCRETE COYOTE CAMPUS, 1100 S Royer St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, (719) 373-7694. 

This event will be an opportunity for the community and artists to come together and celebrate creativity in Colorado Springs. People can tour the campus and meet these emerging artists. This project was funded by a CARES grant in response to supporting PPCC students during COVID with outdoor studio time. 


"It has been so gratifying to have Concrete Coyote community park, our learning laboratory, find so much resonance and productivity with the two PPCC classes that are working there this semester. The students are so engaged, and they are working really hard to learn and design and create...what an inspiration! Thanks to the whole PPCC team for putting in the work to make these classes come to fruition." Steve Wood, Concrete Couch Executive Director

"An outstanding collaboration between Pikes Peak Community College and Concrete Coyote, this Cares grant-funded outdoor classroom opportunity has fired my student's imagination and motivation, they can't wait to come to class even in the snow! It has been a joy, in these difficult times, working with Steve Wood, Laura BenAmots, and the PPCC administration," said Helen Eberhardie Dunn, PPCC art department faculty.

"Concrete Coyote is a hub for humanity and creativity. Pikes Peak Community College is about empowerment through learning and action. It is a perfect marriage of missions and visions. PPCC Art Students have LOVED being a part of this artistic community family by contributing to the magic! I am so proud of the students and we are so privileged to be collaborating with Concrete Couch," said Laura Ben-Amots, PPCC art department faculty.

photos of students at work can be found here:

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Media Contact
Karen Kovaly
PPCC Communication Coordinator