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PPCC Announces Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Colorado Springs, Colo. – August 12, 2013 – Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) has established the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) dedicated to building and cultivating a culture of robust professional development opportunities that will enhance the quality of teaching and learning at PPCC. 

CETL will support PPCC’s focus on improving community college education through innovation, experimentation and institutional transformation by implementing the best, most innovative practices and new developments in education. Providing opportunities for PPCC faculty to excel in teaching will directly impact the quality of education and level of student engagement, ultimately leading to increased student retention and success.

The CETL faculty team includes: Carrie Spencer, director; Sharon Bjorkman, faculty and staff development and training; Rod Thirion, New Faculty Academy coordination; Kristy Callihan, adjunct faculty development and training; and Emily Forand, on-line resource development and management. A supporting committee of additional faculty will assist CETL with training and event planning.

CETL will be located at the Centennial campus and will become a one-stop center for all PPCC full-time and adjunct faculty and student service staff to access professional development resources. CETL will also create and manage an online center for the collection and sharing of these resources. 

This fall CETL will sponsor the PPCC Student Success & Retention Summit featuring Dr. Elizabeth Barkley whose workshop will emphasize student engagement strategies and techniques.

 Pikes Peak Community College, in its 45th year of operation, is a two-year college offering associate’s degrees and various certifications in career and technical fields. With four campuses, two military education centers in El Paso County and nearly 200 programs of study, PPCC serves approximately 22,000 students annually.