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PPCC Hires New Director of Grants

Colorado Springs, Colo. – May 22, 2014 – Tammye Pirie, M.P.H. is hired as the Director of Grants for Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC).

In this role, Pirie will oversee the Grant Office and guide PPCC’s grants development and management services as they relate to the solicitations, acquisition and management of governmental funding and support from private funders, focusing on the project design, processes, training and oversight required to foster successful projects that advance the college’s strategic goals.

“Grants are powerful resources for supplementing PPCC’s current efforts and future plans for its classrooms and community. I am excited to enhance and expand PPCC’s Grant Office efficiencies, capacities and impacts, as well as ensure PPCC is recognized as a leading institution in development, implementation and stewardship of grant funded projects,” says Pirie.

Pirie has over 25 years of experience in the full lifecycle of grantsmanship to support organizational growth, program outreach and service delivery. As a grant officer she has been focused on accountability, compliance and stewardship of federal, state and foundation funds within educational, social services and health care organizations. Her high proficiency in funding acquisition processes and in the development of programs and budgets has helped her secure grant revenue in many competitive markets and political funding climates.

Most recently she was Principal for Anchor Research, Development and Grant Services, LLC in Colorado, Chief Development Officer for Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment in Denver and Assistant Director of the Department of Grants and Partnership Development for Aurora Public School District.

She has a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. and a Bachelor of Science from East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tenn. In addition, she holds two national certifications; “Grant Professional Certification” from the Grant Professionals Association and “Certified Grant Management Specialist” from the National Grant Management Association.

 Pikes Peak Community College, in its 45th year of operation, is a two-year college offering 175 associate degrees and various certifications in career and technical fields. With four campuses and two military education centers in El Paso County, PPCC serves approximately 22,000 students annually.