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Online, Hybrid, or Hyflex - It's Your Choice

The Mission of the eLearning Department is to provide instructional resources and support services that enhance teaching and learning strategies.

eLearning Vision Statement
We provide high-quality, adaptive instructional support to assist faculty and students to create innovative and equitable educational experiences for our students.

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Online, Hybrid, Hyflex - Your Choice

Pikes Peak Community College offers Online courses through PPCC Online Campus. Hybrid courses offer an alternative with one day a week in class and the rest online. Hyflex courses offer the flexibility being in the classroom or at home during the schedule course time.

The eLearning department can not sign registration forms for prerequisites or late entry into courses. This requires an instructor or division signature.

Getting Started

All online, hybrid, and hyflex classes meet the same learning outcomes as traditional courses.
  • Prospective students must be admitted to the college before they can register for classes.
  • New online students may have to take placement tests before enrolling in classes.
  • Testing can be completed at PIkes Peak Community College, and other educational institutions around the country.
  • Go to the National College Testing Association or the PPCC Testing Center for more information.

How do I enroll in an online, hybrid, or hyflex course?

  • Meet with an Advisor
  • Register through the student portal then select Look Up Classes/Class Search
  • Come to Enrollment Services at Centennial Campus or Rampart Range Campus.

How do I know which class is an online or hybrid section?

  • PPCC Online will have an N* (BUS 115-1N1). PPCC Online courses are taught by PPCC faculty.
  • PPCC Hybrid will have an H* (PSY 101-1H1). PPCC Hybrid courses are taught by PPCC faculty.
  • CCCOnline will have a C* (HIS 101-C11). CCCOnline courses are taught by Colorado Community College System faculty from around the state.
  • Special tuition rates apply to online courses.
  • For questions regarding tuition, please contact Financial Services (719) 502-2300 or the Cashier (719) 502-2444.

Online Degrees and Certificates

Pikes Peak Community College offers degrees and certificates that can be completed fully online.  Check out the current semester class list offered through PPCC Online Campus.

What to expect in an online course.

Are online classes easier?
No. In fact, you may encounter more reading and writing than you would in a traditional classroom.

Your course will be in PPCC Online Campus (D2L).
Here you will access course materials, assignments, discussions and quizzes.

Instructors establish due dates for assignments, discussions and exams just like a traditional class. As long as you are meeting your instructor's due dates, you can work at your own pace and be online when it works best for you.

Do online classes require prerequisites or on-campus testing?
Online classes, just like those on campus, sometimes require prerequisites. Some PPCC Online courses require on-campus testing (or proctored testing at another location), but most online courses require no on-campus time. Generally the only classes requiring on-campus testing will be math and some science courses.


Hybrid & Hyflex Courses

You can combine online with in class mixing the best of both worlds, hybrid & hyflex courses combine on-campus class sessions with internet coursework. 

Hybrid meets once a week in the classroom with the rest of your course work online.

Hyflex allows the choice to be at home or come to campus during the scheduled class time.

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