Earn college credit for what you learned.

PLA (Prior Learning Assessment for Credit) may be valuable for students who:

  • declare a degree or certificate
  • demonstrate learning which is equivalent to a course needed to meet their goal
  • work closely with advisors to determine what courses they need.  We don't want you to earn more credit than you need or duplicate any previously-earned credit. Meet with an Advisor to determine your class requirements

To learn more about the methods we use to help students earn college credit through Testing, Portfolio, Workplace Training (Published Guides) and Military Transcript evaluations, see Tabs below. 

We use established, researched, and validated methods of assessment. See PLA Standards and Policies.


Pass a national exam (i.e. CLEP/DSST) or a Challenge Exam (developed by PPCC faculty) to earn credit for a course that satisfies a degree requirement. 

National Exam Steps:
1.  Consult with the Testing Center on the most current testing matrix to determine which exams are equivalent to a course and the minimum score needed to pass. We do not accept all exam titles. 

2. To register to take a CLEP/DSST exam, go to the Testing Center.
3.  If you already passed an exam, send us an official transcript (see address below).
Exam Sites Here:    CLEP    DSST    UExcel (Excelsior)   AP Exam   IB Exam
Pikes Peak Community College Attn: Records Office/ Box C8/ 5675 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Questions? Email:  records@ppcc.edu  


Create a portfolio of documents that describe your learning, request course credit, and provide supporting documentation. Your portfolio is evaluated by a faculty member who is a subject-matter expert. To find course information (course descriptions and competencies) to help you write your portfolio petition, search for the course under the Common Course Numbering System.

Portfolio Steps:

  1. Speak with your faculty advisor about the possibility of earning college credit for your prior learning.
  2. Follow these Portfolio Guidelines and Steps to create your portfolio.  
  3. Fill out the Student Agreement form for Portfolio requests and pay the nonrefundable fee ($40.00 one time fee + $15.00 per credit hour requested). (Note: Some Police Academy training evaluation fees are waived.) 
  4. Submit your Portfolio and signed Student Agreement to Records. All documentation and files will be maintained by the college. 
  5. Note:  Students should submit copies of their documentation. Keep the originals. 

Published Guides

American Council on Education (ACE). ACE National Guide 
National College Credit Recommendation Service NCCRS

Use a Published Guide (ACE/NCCRS) to request credit for workplace training and certifications. The courses are evaluated by teams of national subject-matter experts who write a credit recommendation. PPCC subject-matter faculty assessors will review the ACE/NCCRS recommendations to determine if there is a course equivalent. 

Published Guide Steps:
1. Determine if your training has been evaluated (go to ACE or NCCRS links above) and may help to satisfy one of your degree plan requirements.
2. Fill out a Student Agreement for Military (Veterans) and Published Guides.
3. Attach a transcript obtained from the Published Guide web site or official records to show evidence of training completion. 
4. Submit agreement and transcript to Records.  A one time $40.00 fee will be charged for assessment.  
5. If your training and certifications are not listed in a Published Guide, use the portfolio process to request an evaluation by a subject-matter expert. 

Military Transcripts

Have your Joint Services Transcript  (JST) evaluated. The American Council on Education's (ACE) Military Guide provides college credit recommendations for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
Air Force- Request a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.

Active Duty Steps: Army 

1. Set up your tuition assistance (TA) through goarmyed.com and enroll.
2. The Servicemember Opportunity College Coordinator (SOC) will request your JST electronically and complete the credit evaluation within one semester's time. Or contact: Richard.Rayborn@ppcc.edu

Active Duty Steps:  Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

1. Request your Joint Services Transcript  (JST).
2. Contact Richard.Rayborn@ppcc.edu for an evaluation.  

Veterans Steps:

1. Fill out a Student Agreement for Military (Veterans) and Published Guides..
2. The Records office staff will request your JST electronically and complete the credit evaluation. 

We value all of your service. All of your learning is valuable. However, some of your learning from military service (occupation and training), when evaluated, may or may not be the equivalent of 1) a college-level course and 2) a course required on your declared degree or certificate. If you decide to change your course of study, your transcripts may need to be re-evaluated. 

Student Agreement Forms & Handout

Please sign the Student Agreement with your signature.

Use this Student Agreement form for Portfolio requests and ACE Alternative Credit Project.

Use this Student Agreement form for Military (Veterans) and Published Guides.

Handout: PLA-C At-A-Glance 

Fill out this form to request a presentation on PLA for your organization or classroom. 

Unknown.pngThis Workforce Solution by Janet Colvin is funded by the CHAMP grant at Pikes Peak Community College is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  

The Alternative Credit Project

1. Speak with your faculty advisor about the possibility of earning college credit for the courses you take from one of the PPCC-approved course providers listed here.   See more information on The Alternative Credit Project™ web site 

2.  Read the Student Agreement to check if earning PLA credit is right for you (it will not count toward your Financial Aid full time status eligibility; it is considered transfer; it is credit only (no grade); it may or may not transfer to other institutions). 

3.  Sign up and successfully complete the approved course from one of the providers. Double-check the course list. There is a transcript fee involved in requesting an ACE transcript as well as PPCC fee.

4.  Request an official ACE transcript.

a.  Create an account with ACE’s Registry and Transcript System.

b.  Search for the organization name “Alternative Credit Project Ecosystem (ACPE)”

c.  Select the ACPE course that you completed.  The course request is sent automatically to the course provider to review. 

d.  You will receive an email notification once the organization has reviewed your course requests.

e.  Identify the institution(s) (i.e. PPCC) you would like ACE to send your transcript.

f.  Pay the fee for each transcript requested.

g.  PPCC will receive the official ACE transcript.

5.  PPCC - Complete and sign the Student Agreement. The fee is a one-time fee of $40.00 (We will waive the additional $15.00 credit hour fee).  Fees are subject to change.

6.  Submit the Student Agreement to Records, Room 106, Centennial Campus.

7.  You will be notified by your student email when the credit is posted.