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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services strongly believes in diversity as an integral part of society and our college community. It is our mission and commitment to assist students with disabilities to self-advocate for equitable access to their academic environment.

COVID-19 Announcement

We are offering remote accommodation appointments to support student safety. Scheduling and testing are available both remotely and in person, following required social distancing and facial covering practices.

Please contact us at 719-502-3333 or at to schedule an appointment or for more information.

An Accessible Education for Students with Disabilities

Through an interactive process with a disability specialist, your instructor, and you, Accessibility Services provides classroom and testing accommodations for students with both temporary and long-term disabilities. We are here to support you to self-advocate for your accessible education.

The Accommodation Process

New students and returning students must schedule an appointment with a disability specialist each semester for accommodations.

  1. Contact Us and Request: To schedule an appointment, call us at 719-502-3333 or email us at We recommend contacting us at least 4 weeks before the semester beginning, but we will gladly work with you throughout the entire semester. 
  2. Engage in the Interactive Process: Meet with one of our disability specialists. Discuss the disability-related circumstances that impact your learning and how we can support you. Provide documentation of your disabilities, if available.
  3. Self-Advocate: Discuss your accommodations with your instructors. Utilize PPCC's academic support services, like tutoring and counseling.

If you need to request a sign-language interpreter for your appointment, fill out the online Interpreting Request

Voting Registration for Students with Disabilities

Voter registration opportunities guaranteed by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and the ADA require states to ensure that all aspects of the voter registration process are accessible to persons with disabilities.
Students with disabilities may register to vote at the Accessibility Services (AS) office. Please contact AS at 719-502-3333 or stop by A-130 at the Centennial campus. More information can be found at the Americans with Disabilities page.

Americans with Disabilities


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