Accessibility Services currently offers two courses, CIS 101 and CIS 102, for assistive technology training. For more information, call 502-3027.

CIS 101 Alternative Input/Output for Computers

1 Credit Hour. 22.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination)

Focuses on teaching alternative methods for interacting with a computer. Individualized for each student, the course covers such programs as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Dictate, or Job Access with Speech (JAWS). It is designed for students who have little or no previous computer experience.

CIS 102 Computer Assistive Technology

3 Credit Hours. 45 Contact Hours (Lecture)

Introduces assistive technology and alternative methods for utilization of computer systems. Depending upon student need or interest, the student selects the assistive technology or method. Options include voice recognition, screen readers, screen enlargement, keyboard modification, word prediction, reading enhancement programs, and alternative data entry methods.