Universal design is the creation of a classroom environment and instructional materials that are able to be accessed, understood, and used by all students. The following are suggestions for universal design strategies.


  • Clearly explain and provide written instructions of course expectations on the first day of classes. Such course expectations include curriculum, assignment due dates, quiz and test dates, accessing online course components in D2L, attendance policies, grading scales, etc.
  • Provide both verbal and written instructions for all assignments.
  • Encourage and provide adequate time during class for questions and answers.
  • Ensure all visual material such as graphs, charts, and images have text descriptions. Contact Accessibility Services (502-3325) for assistance.
  • Ensure all video and audio material have captions. Contact eLearning (502-3335) for assistance.
  • If alternate formatting of classroom material (for example, textbooks needing audio reading options, diagrams needing to be raised for tactile access) is required, contact Accessibility Services (502-3325) for assistance.
  • Use accessible color contrast and font size for all materials.
  • Face the class when speaking.
  • Build in classroom breaks during longer courses.

Additional Training Available

Faculty can sign up for excellent training on creating accessible emails, websites, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, and more.

Accessibility at PPCC