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Accessibility Services will provide accommodative testing to students based on their disability.

Testing in the Accessibility Services Office (Centennial Campus)

Accessibility Services (AS) has testing rooms set up to provide accommodative testing. Accommodations may include extended time, alternate light, enlarged font, breaks, etc., which are determined after meeting with a Disability Specialist every semester. If a student decides to use their testing accommodations in the AS testing rooms, we encourage the adherence of the following processes.

 Advance Scheduling of Your Test/Quiz

  • Find out from your instructor by what date the test must be taken (the deadline date).

  • Call 502-3333 or stop by A-130 to schedule to take your test.

    • Let us know which campus location you prefer and what your accommodations are. It will be helpful to have your notification of accommodations with you - whether by phone or in person.

    • If accommodations include formatting (ex., font, colored paper, enlargement, one page at a time), read-software, use of a computer, we ask that you schedule at least 5 days in advance. 

  • Inform your instructor of the date and time you plan to take the test in Accessibility Services.

    • Remember it is your choice to use your testing accommodations in the Accessibility Services testing rooms.

On the Day of Your Test/Quiz

  • Go to Accessibility Services at your scheduled time.

  • Be prepared. You are responsible for any instructor-approved supplies (e.g. pencil, calculator) and accommodation-approved items (ex,. headphones, hat, tinted/sunglasses, medical monitors, etc.)

  • Turn off and secure all electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPads, smart watch) in a locker.

    • Accessibility Services will provide a locker. You will keep the key. The key and your ID will be exchanged when you turn in the test. 

  • All seats are assigned. Please ask a staff member if alternate furniture is needed.

Due to the availability of space, time, and formatting operations, students acknowledge that they must schedule tests in advance.

Students are responsible for knowing when tests are due. If the test will expire, students are responsible for asking instructors for extensions.

Test Integrity

  • Cell phones are prohibited in ALL Testing Center Rooms.

  • If unauthorized resources or behaviors are witnessed, AS reserves the right to conclude testing, contact the Dean of Students and/or the instructor.

  • Students registered with AS are bound by the PPCC Student Code of Conduct policies. Academic dishonesty and disruptive behavior are violations and will not be tolerated.

Testing in the Testing Centers (Rampart Range-RRC, Downtown Studio-DTSC, Centennial Campus-CC)


Fall 2020 Semester Notice: Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Testing Centers will not be proctoring course tests.

Students may take their tests/quizzes at the Testing Centers rather than the Accessibility Services Office depending on their accommodations. Testing Centers are available at the Rampart Range Campus, Downtown Studio Campus, and Centennial Campus - making it more convenient for many students. If you choose a Testing Center, keep in mind not all accommodations are available at all Testing Centers. It is best to ask a Disability Specialist or the Accommodative Testing Specialist about specifics. 

At Least 5 Business Days in Advance of Your Test/Quiz

  • Confirm with your instructor when the test must be taken by (the deadline date).

  • Confirm with AS the availability of your accommodations at the selected campus.

  • Contact AS to schedule your test. This helps to ensure your test is prepared and ready at the testing center.

    • If you are using accommodations and the test requires formatting and transport, the 5 days' notice is especially important.

  • Inform your instructor the date and time you plan to take the test at whichever Testing Center.


On the Day of Your Test/Quiz

  • Go to your selected Testing Center at the scheduled date and time. The Testing Centers operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plan accordingly.

  • Be prepared with your own instructor-approved supplies (e.g. pencil, calculator) and accommodation-approved items (e.g. headphones, magnifying glass)

  • Provide a government-issued picture ID (e.g. driver's license or student ID)

  • Turn off and store all electronic and other personal items in a locker. Testing Centers provide lockers and do not allow hats, watches, and many other items.

Online Testing

If you are taking a PPCC course test with extended time accommodations, remind your instructor to extend the testing time to reflect your accommodations.