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Department Logos

Need a logo for your department, program or division?

PPCC has a distinct brand identity and our logo is one of the primary ways to identify our brand. PPCC departments, divisions, and programs receive a standardized configuration using the exact same elements as the college itself. By doing so we create a consistent family of logos that all relate back to our overarching brand identity.

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Your ZIP File Will Contain

  • Horizontal and Vertical executions in 3 file formats
  • Full Color, 2-Color, Black, and White logos
About the File Formats

EPS: In general, an .eps is scalable, which means it won’t lose res olution when used at a large size (i.e. banners, posters, etc). EPS files require design software to open; chances are, you will not be able to open it on your computer. However, when sending files to a vendor, it is what th ey will most likely request. Also, an .EPS can be PLACED in a Word file, and any time a colored background is bein g used, use the white PPCC .EPS logo. 

JPG: A .jpg is like a traditional image file that most people are fa miliar with, and it has good clarity. It is used in print. However, a JPG always has a white box behind it. Therefo re, full color, black, or gray versions of the logo can only be used against white backgrounds, not colors. 

PNG: A .PNG file has a transparent background, so it works well agai nst colors. But, it is not print resolution, and will look pixelated when printed. It is ideal for web, social m edia, and PowerPoint presentations.