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Accuplacer Study Guide

Online Study Guides for Accuplacer

Accuplacer Study App

Accuplacer has a free app that includes sample questions and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. Explore practice questions and get feedback on the skills you need to focus on the most.

Go to the Accuplacer practice website to download. PPCC administers Accuplacer Next Generation tests, be sure to select Next Generation when studying!


You can use EdReady to place into college level classes, or you can use it to help you prepare for the Accuplacer exam. 

To use EdReady as a study tool, you must create an account in the PPCC's EdReady Platform ppcc.edready.org.

  1. Students must use their PPCC assigned student email if they have one. If you do not have a PPCC email, you should use the email you included in your PPCC application.
  2. Enter the Goal Key for the course you are trying to place into:


Goal Key

Pre-Requisite Met

ENG 121/1021 or ENG 131/1031


Use this code if you are trying to register for a course with a College Reading and Writing Literacy pre-requisite

MAT 103/1120



MAT 107/1140



MAT 112/1160



MAT 120/1240


Use this code if you are trying to register for a course with a College Quantitative Literacy pre-requisite

MAT 121/1340


Use this code if you are trying to register for a course with a MAT 055/0300 or College Algebraic Literacy pre-requisite

MAT 135/1260



MAT 155/1220



  • Complete the diagnostic test, work through lessons, and retest topics. If you want to use EdReady as a placement tool, you must earn a score of 90 or higher. 
  • Once you've earned a 90, the Testing Center will get an automatic notification with your score report. You do not need to send us your scores. We will send you an email with placement information and with the next step to make an appointment with an Advisor and register for classes.
  • Students using VA Education Benefits or Tuition Assistance may use EdReady with a score below 90 to justify enrollment in prep courses. You must export your results directly to the Testing Center. To export your scores:
    • Go to "My Account"
    • Under "Student data export" select "Download Your Data"
    • In the textbox, send a copy directly to the Testing Center: testing.center@ppcc.edu 
    • The Testing Center will let you know when your scores have been entered on your student record