• Register Through Navigate
  • How to Register through myPPCC Portal with Screen Shots (PDF)
  • How to Register through myPPCC Portal - Text Only (PDF)
  • DegreeCheck Tutorial
    • Use this great tool for discovering college-level courses needed to fulfill your degree.
      • College-prep courses will not be shown. Be sure to meet with your Academic Advisor to get the correct college-prep course sequencing.
    • For the following programs, students should meet with their Academic Advisors, as Degree Check may not reflect exact requirements based on career goals and transfer institutions:
      • Pre - Nursing
      • Pre - Engineering
      • AA - Environmental Studies
      • AA - Foreign Languages (other than French and Spanish)
      • AA - Humanities
      • AA - Journalism
      • AA - Literature
      • AA - Professional Writing and Communication
      • AS - Computer Science
      • AS - Pre-Allied Health (any degree other than Nursing and Pre-Med)
      • AS - Pre-Med
  • Advancing Academic Achievement AAA 109 Course Descriptions
    • You must first register for an AAA 109 in order to register for:
      CCR 092 College Composition and Reading
      MAT 055 Algebraic Literacy and MAT 025 Algebraic Literacy Lab as co-requisites
      MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy and MAT 020 Quantitative Literacy Lab as co-requisites
      MAT 107 Career Math or MAT 112 Financial Math with MAT 091 Applied Quantitative Lab as co-requisites