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Advancing Academic Achievement AAA 109 Course Description

You must first register for an AAA 109 in order to register for: 

  • CCR 092 College Composition and Reading
  • MAT 055 Algebraic Literacy Lab and MAT 025 Algebraic Literacy co-requisites
  • MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy and MAT 020 Quantitative Literacy Lab (MAT 020 is a new requirement as of Summer 2017)
  • MAT 091 Applied Quant Lab and MAT 107 Career Math or MAT 112 Financial Math co-requisites
  • The following Spring 2020+ linked co-requisites also require AAA 109:
    • MAT 103 and MAT 083
    • MAT 107 and MAT 087
    • MAT 120 and MAT 080
    • MAT 135 and MAT 085
    • ENG 131 and ENG 077
    • ENG 121 and CCR 094

Resolving Registration Issues

  • If you are a local student and get a prerequisite/test error, you may need to come in to any Advising office for assistance or write to During the final two weeks of registration and the first week of classes all advising is on walk-in basis only. 
  • If you are a distance education student, please contact us through

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