Pre-Engineering at Pikes Peak Community College

At PPCC, students get the opportunity to experience different types of Engineering. Not only do you get to participate in these opportunities but you can connect with industries and begin to build engineering experience for your resume and career field.

Engineering Opportunities at PPCC



Space Foundation


Northrop Grumman Pre-Engineering Scholarship


Space Symposium

PPCC DemoSat Team (Colorado SpaceGrant Consortium)


At PPCC, we provide a high quality education. Our courses are delivered in smaller classroom sizes. Smaller class sizes give you a better chance to interact and connect with your instructors and peers. We have passionate faculty who are leaders in their field.


For a list of engineering programs in Colorado review our Engineering Options document.

Please contact the PPCC Career Planning and Advising office at or (719) 502-3232 to be connected with a Pre-Engineering advisor.