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Andrea Villansenor

Andrea Villasenor, who hopes to be a banker, told the group during her acceptance speech:

My goal is to make my family proud.

Meet one of our brilliant Faculty Scholarship winners, Andrea Villasenor.

Excerpt of her scholarship letter:

Hello my name is Andrea Villasenor. I am 21 years old and proud to call myself Mexican-American. I was born in Los Angeles, California, but I grew up and lived 12 years in Jalisco, Mexico, along with my mother and sisters. When I turned 13 years old, my parents made the decision to bring us back to the United States so that we can further our education and establish a life here in the United States of America.

Coming to the United States has an impact on my life because I was able to learn a new language and customs and meet new. Learning a new language has been the hardest part of this journey. When I was in middle school, I was bullied because I was not able to express myself or ask for help. But now I can proudly say that I have overcome this obstacle, and I am getting better in my English, even though I have a lot more to learn.

My primary goal is to make my parents proud because I have watched them striving so that they can provide financial support to my sister and me. This support includes food, a home and much more. I have seen them work for us to have an education that they were not able to get. Obtaining my diploma in accounting will not only be my achievement but theirs, too.

PPCC has impacted my life dramatically because it has helped me to develop strengths that I didn’t know I had. For example, even though I do not consider myself a leader, PPCC has shown me how to be one, to take initiative in pursuit of my goals. Even though I have been here for longer than I have expected, I don’t regret staying here because I have met amazing people that have changed my life, especially two of my professors who have not only taught me classroom lessons but also life lessons. Mrs. Allen and Mr. Rohlfing have worked very hard in pushing me to not only become a better student but to have a great experience at PPCC: Mrs. Allen by persuade me in becoming a tax preparer at Tax Help Colorado, where I learned to work with clients’ needs. Also by recommend me to my job as an administrative assistant in the high school program at PPCC, which I love because I am learning skills for futures references. Mr. Rohlfing convinced me to become an active Phi Theta Kappa member, which have been the best experience so far because I got to meet students outside the classroom and work as a group for this awesome society.

I have volunteered as a tutor at the Pikes Peak Elementary School, helping kids with their homework. I helped a single mother to take care of her child with special needs in the afternoons. Also, I was part of a service learning project where my ethics class explained the ballot issues to our community. And I am starting to be an active member at PTK honor society and help in their events.

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