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Philosophy instructor Rachel Dewey leaves lasting legacy

Remembering Rachel Dewey

Rachel Dewey died in a skiing accident on March 19, 2017.

Wind has faded the lines she carved in the snow on the face of Pikes Peak. But the memories of her passion, dedication and connections with her students remain. She touched so many.

Here are some comments from her friends and colleagues:

“Longtime, much admired and beloved PPCC philosophy adjunct instructor Rachel Dewey will be remembered. Rachel was part of our PPCC family. I know we have faculty and students who are hurting because of this loss. Please take a moment to connect with one another and affirm how we care for each other, and how we are cared for here as part of the PPCC family.” -- PPCC President Lance Bolton

“Rachel Dewey was not only one of my favorite philosophy instructors at Pikes Peak community college, but also a dear friend. I was able to work with her on course assignments, major Departmental assessments and we even co-led a couple church adult education sessions at her home church. She epitomized excellence and passion in her instruction, and a deep philosophical / experiential understanding of diversity and cultural engagement with her students. In true Socratic fashion, Rachel would love these two questions that are written in some of her favorite wisdom literature, in the New Testament: "O death, where is thy victory? O grave, where is thy sting?" I know that Rachel would answer with a resounding "there is none!" to both of those questions because I know that she believes in the power of the Resurrection. She loved teaching; she loved on her students and she loves God in ways that will impact us all...far beyond her life here on earth.” - Bruce McCluggage, PPCC Philosophy instructor

“Rachel was all in and fully invested in the kids, fully invested with her material. Very intelligent, very engaging as a teacher and that’s what made her effective and probably contributes to why she’s so missed.” --Todd Morse, the Head of School for Banning Lewis Ranch Academy


“How devastating. Professor Dewey made such a huge impact on me in just a few months of class. She was so passionate and kind and full of life. Every single class she talked about how much she loves her husband and boys. I'm praying for them.” – Krissa Burdan

“Comparative Religions was my all time favorite class I took at PPCC. Truly saddened to hear this. Prayers to her family.” --Jackson Rose

“Me and my sister were both in her classes at different times we both thought she was an amazingly unique and very nice person I pray for her family and for her” -- Martin Henderson



“Rachel Dewey is an excellent professor. She takes the time to make sure you know all the material. I felt well prepared for every exam. She's always willing to answer any questions. Learning ethical theories can be somewhat dry and a bit boring at times, but she does her best to try to make it interesting. I definitely recommend her.”

“She is by far the best teacher I have had at the college. And I am so excited to attend her other classes she has available. She helps you understand what the topic is about and she effectively prepares you for the tests and quizzes.”

“Great teacher! I had her as a teacher last spring and will have her again this spring. I enjoyed her class a lot. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Just make sure to read the chapters she assigns.”

“She is extraordinarily passionate and engages the class at every single moment. This is the only class that i have ever seen consistently start on time or early, because the entire class was always there early, people actually WANTED class to start! Rachel is amazing, take her if you can!!”

“Most people agree that she is one of the best teachers in the school, and for a very good reason.”

“Best teacher I've had at PPCC to date. Rachel finds creative was to get the class involved in the subject instead of just interacting from the hard-to-relate-to textbook. She cares about what she teaches almost as much as she cares about her students.”