A classic French satire performed by PPCC Theater students, staff and alumni.

France, 1668. The entire house of Orgon (Mark E. Cannon) is in an uproar. Orgon, the clueless patriarch, has elevated holy man Tartuffe (Matt Radcliffe) as his honored guest, much to the distress of his family. This seemingly-pious man has insinuated himself into the heart of the household, but domestic happiness is threatened when Tartuffe’s intentions towards Orgon’s wife Elmire (Megan Edwards), daughter Mariane (Hannah Alden McCullough), heir Damis (Anthony Cramer), and entire property appear to be less than wholesome. The family must make quick efforts to unmask this imposter, but will Orgon finally see the religious hypocrite for what he is before the damage is done? What happens when ultimate financial, legal, and personal power is handed to a liar and fraud?

The performance is directed by former PPCC student and local favorite comedic actor, Sammie Joe Kinnett, and produced by department chair Sarah S. Shaver. It features work by current and former PPCC students and staff, including Matt Radcliffe as the title character, Mark E. Cannon, Megan Edwards, Warren Epstein, Hannah Alden McCullough, Aiden Epstein, Camille Liptak, Dionne Howell, Anthony Cramer, Joshua Bray, and Shawn Brennan. Set design by Jack Salesses, Set construction by the Technical Theatre class at PPCC, Costumes by Rebecca Hillstead with assistance by Caroline Sprengle, Lights by Brooke Hunter and Rachel Whitmore, Sound by Carmina Paner, Props by Hannah Alden McCullough.

Free and open to the public with a donation of non-perishable food items or toiletries.

Info: sarah.shaver@ppcc.edu


Start: 4/20/17 07:30pm

End: 4/20/17 09:30pm


Centennial Campus, Theater

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