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Lost Items

The PPCC Campus Police Department no longer handles Lost and Found. If you have lost an item on campus, check with the Student Life office at your campus.

Centennial Campus Student Life: Room A-205 or (719) 502-2522

Rampart Range Campus Student Life: Room S-207 or (719) 502-2577

Downtown Studio Campus Student Life: Room S-234 or (719) 502-2538

Reporting Lost Items Containing Credit Cards, Identification, etc.

If you have lost a wallet or purse with bank information, credit/debit cards, driver's license, or any other identifying documents, contact the nearest Campus Police Department office to file a police report.

Found Items

If you find an item, turn it in to the Student Life office at your campus.

Campus Police Office Locations

Centennial Campus, room A-100
Rampart Range Campus, room N-106
Downtown Studio Campus, room S-101.

For more information, call the Campus Police Office at (719) 502-2900.