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College Opportunity Fund (COF) Appeal Form

If you feel as though circumstances beyond your control prevented you from receiving COF for a semester at PPCC, including past semester(s), you may complete a COF appeal.  Carefully read all instructions. Please include justification for your request or your appeal will be returned to you for completion.

COF Appeal Process

Submit the online COF form.  Include a detailed explanation and documentation of what happened that prevented you from receiving COF.  Documentation and detail help the committee to better understand your circumstances.

You will receive email communication within 2-3 business days of submission of your COF Appeal form that your COF appeal was received and is under review by the COF appeal committee.

You will receive mail communication of the FINAL decision of the committee within 7-14 business days from the day you submit your appeal.

If approved, PPCC will recalculate your tuition bill to include COF hours.

Certification Statement

  • I certify to the best of my knowledge the information in this appeal request is accurate, true and unaltered. If false information of falsified supporting documentation is found to have been included in this appeal request, the request becomes void, and the resultant action becomes retroactively nullified.
  • I understand that submitting a COF appeal does not exempt me from tuition fees or deadlines and does not guarantee approval.
  • I understand the decision of the committee is final and binding-there is no institutional appeal after the Committee has made its decision.
  • If I am denied the COF appeal I may either file an additional appeal via the Colorado Department of Higher Education OR I must pay full tuition without COF assistance.