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Construction Updates


Current Construction Projects

Several improvement projects are underway and the results promise to be amazing. In the meantime, construction may create short-term inconveniences such as noise, route obstruction, room reassignment...

Please be mindful of impacts by looking for "The Cone". Campus signage, as well as website, have recognizable cone images. Visit this page for updates. 

NOTE: *Please scroll down to view ALL construction sites*


Centennial Campus

Jan 27, 2021, 1:28 PM
As of Monday, January 19, 2021 the gym has been reopened for students and faculty. There are a few construction activities left but the completion will not interfere with the gym’s usage. The project and gym’s management teams, encourages all students and staff to visit/utilize the upgrades made to the facility. A grand opening is currently in the planning stage and the date will be confirmed in the near future.
Jan 27, 2021, 1:21 PM
The General Contractor has completed the installation of conduit/wiring for new emergency generators that will supply power to the campus when a loss of power from the utility company occurs. One generator will supply emergency power to both IT equipment and other areas as identified. The second generator will supply power to the gun range and other buildings on the South side of campus. Presently both generators are on order and are expected to arrive on campus February 2021. Project is expected to be completed Spring Semester 2021.
Jan 27, 2021, 1:29 PM
The Architect has completed the construction drawings for various restrooms remodels in both the Aspen and Breckenridge Buildings. This project will both update the plumbing and expand the spaces being utilized for the existing restrooms. In addition, the project will bring existing restrooms into ADA compliance. Phase I of the restrooms upgrades for the Aspen Building is expected to be put out for bid early into the Spring Semester 2021 and Phase II for the Breckenridge Building to follow shortly after.
Nov 3, 2020, 1:38 PM
Demolition of the stairwells for the Phase I Walkway Project has been completed. The preparation as of November 3rd 2020 has been started for the installation of the new stairs. To date the Walkway Project is going well with minimal effect on campus classes. Phase I is scheduled for completion during the holiday break between semesters with Phase II starting within this time frame. While our team is working to minimize the impact on instruction, significant noise will be present Monday through Friday during business hours. The Capital Projects team is working with the appropriate educational staff to minimize the impact that these construction activities will have on their classes.

Downtown Studio Campus

Jan 27, 2021, 1:26 PM
The New fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarms Systems is nearing its completion at the DTSC. The final fire inspection has been completed and approved. The final walk through for both the Sprinklers and Alarm Systems installation have been scheduled with the final completion date within the next few weeks. Currently both systems and are on-line and the buildings are now under a fire system protection.
Studio West.jpg

Studio West

Jan 27, 2021, 1:23 PM
PPCC facilities department has been working with the City of Colorado Springs for the installation of a crosswalk between Studio West and the remainder of the Downtown Campus. Presently the city has hired a contractor the crosswalk work. A big thank you to the city for covering all cost for the installation. Major safety addition to our Downtown Campus.
(original) Rampart Campus PPCC

Rampart Range Campus

No current updates.
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Center for Health Education and Simulation

No current updates.
Tec Building - Springs Fab (2).jpg

Technical Education Center

No current updates.

Miscellaneous Projects

No current updates.