Attention VocRehab (CH31) Students:

You are not required to submit a Certification Request Form. You are required to submit VA form 28-1905 (typically issued to by your VocRehab counselor).

Fact Sheets

Download and read the Fact Sheet for your VA Education Benefit.

Helpful Hints

All Chapters:

  • VA will only pay for classes that are applicable to your degree program
  • VA will only pay for remedial or developmental classes (below the 100 course level) that are taken completely inside the classroom
  • VA considers hybrid and self-paced classes as online learning
  • You must be full time the entire time in order to receive your full MHA

CH33 only:

  • If you choose exclusively online, hybrid or self-paced classes, you will only receive half of the national average MHA

CH30 and CH1606 only:

  • You are required to verify your attendance with VA on the last day of every month at 877.823.2378 or