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Culinary arts class in session.

Why Choose Culinary Arts at PPCC?

The Culinary Arts are not for those with a lack of dedication, endurance, or ambition. Discover your passion and join one of the most diverse and fast-growing career fields. The locally recognized and accredited Culinary Arts program at PPCC can help you start your career. 

What will I study?

Under the direction of skilled chefs, culinary arts students will be able to direct and participate in the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of foods and gain culinary skills.

Students will learn:

  • National sanitation standards
  • Administration and management skills
  • Cooking skills
  • Food production and processing
  • Customer and personal service
  • Knife and cutlery skills
  • Understand the culinary industry on a large scale

Example Classes I Might Take

Trains students in the basic fundamentals of the culinary field. The course will include student overview, training in areas of Management, Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry. Student will be trained in all areas in order to be successful in both Lecture and Lab courses. Training will include program overviews, safety & sanitation fundamentals, culinary math skills, culinary vocabulary, lab requirements, using online training methods, competitions, basic knife skills, equipment identification and proper usage, professionalism, food service history, kitchen organization, basic principles of cooking, food science, study skills, proper food storage techniques, recipes, cost management, library resources and student learning organizations, scholarships and culinary career opportunities. Students must complete this course with a grade C or higher, prior to advancing in the program.
Demonstrates the use of management skills training in the food service industry by use of student interaction research, and also demonstrates the various styles of menu development. Includes basic responsibility for food service personnel in all kitchen positions with emphasis on advertising vs. publicity, job analysis, description specifications, and duty list as related to recruiting and hiring process. Covers application, interview techniques, training, and hiring process. Incorporates preparation of menus for different styles of food service concept establishments.
Enables students to examine types of beverages and equipment including wines, beers, spirits, bar equipment, and staffing. Covers profitability, marketing, federal and local laws, and service. Focuses on the history of making and processing wines, spirits, and beers.
Introduces the student to the basic rules of sanitation, food-borne illnesses, safe food temperatures, safe food handling techniques, the HACCP Program, pest control procedures, and local/state health rules and regulations for food service operations. At the completion of the course students take a nationally recognized test from the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. If passed with a score of 75% or more, students receive a Certificate of from the Education Foundation.

Program Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Culinary Arts program at Pikes Peak Community College is to provide the highest quality training at the community college level.

Our objective is for our graduates to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become employable as a first cook or assistant baker in an industrial kitchen. This will be accomplished through:

  • High expectations of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Remain current with industry standards by maintaining an active Advisory Committee of community culinary professionals.
  • Maintain currency in technology and equipment.
  • Adhere to the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation accreditation standards.
  • Encourage Life Long Learning
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The knowledge and skill sets I gained at PPCC were necessary tools in becoming the business owner I am today. The small classroom setting granted us valuable face time with our Chef instructors that wouldn’t have been possible in a larger school environment. I recommend PPCC to anyone who tells me they want to work in the food service industry.

--Andres Velez Owner of Piglatin Foodtruck

Certified Dietary Manager Training Program

PPCC Offers a courses to prepare students to test for Certified Dietary Manager (CDM®), Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP®) national examinations. 

For More Information

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are competencies with which students will be proficient at the completion of an academic program. Program Learning Outcomes link with course learning outcomes and competencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Requirements for Students

Studying Culinary Arts at PPCC can be demanding, requiring students to perform a wide range of cognitive and physical tasks. Students should be aware of these requirements when considering whether or not the program is right for them.

Program Physical and Mental Requirements List

Culinary Arts Students

PPCC Culinary Arts Students showing their talents in baking and knifing skills.


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Get started in Culinary Arts

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Department Chair

Michael Paradiso


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New Culinary Students

New Students MUST attend one of the listed orientation dates prior to attending classes for the Culinary Arts Program

All Information Sessions will be held in room B-204a on the Centennial Campus


Thursday, November 7th 6:00-7:30 pm A140

Friday, November 15th 2:00-3:30 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 4th 6:00-7:30 pm

Monday, December 16th 12:00-1:30 pm


Tuesday, January 7th 10:00-11:30 am

Tuesday, January 7th 1:00-2:30 pm

Wednesday, April 1st 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday, April 24th 3:00-4:30 pm

Thursday, May 7th 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday, August 14th 10:00-11:30 am

Friday, August 14th 1:00-2:30 pm

Once students attend a session, they will meet with a faculty advisor to register for courses.

Apply for Scholarships

Every Year the PPCC Foundation offers hundreds of thousands of dollar's worth of scholarship money for eligible and in need students.

Scholarship Information