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Why choose Music at PPCC?

Music courses at PPCC provide an introduction into the examination of sound as a vibrant art form and our faculty will help you explore your talents. Students receive training in performance and composition and become knowledgeable about music history and theory. Classes are open to all students beginning through advanced. Music students can go on to explore careers that include teaching, performing, composing, music therapy, and the music business.

What do PPCC Music students study?

As a music student, you will study a wide variety of music theory and instruction in areas of personal interest. 

  • Participation in ensembles
  • Private instruction in areas of student's choosing
  • Ear and sight training
  • Fundamentals of harmony

Students receive a large base of foundational knowledge as well as the opportunity to specialize in an area of expertise.

Classes You Might Take

Presents music fundamentals, diatonic four-part harmony, analysis, ear training, and keyboard harmony.
Presents modulating and chromatic exercises in sight-singing and dictation. Dictation includes four-part writing.
Provides a survey of the history and literature of Western Art Music from Antiquity through the Baroque.
Offers private instruction consisting of a thirty or sixty-minute lesson per week. Participation in a student performance is required at least once each term. First year, first term.


Upcoming Events




Due do the COVID-19 virus all Spring semester 2020 PPCC Music Department Concerts are cancelled until further notice.






All PPCC Music Department Concerts are Free and open to the public.

The donation of a non-perishable food item for the PPCC Student Food Pantry is always welcome and appreciated.


Get started in Music

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Music Faculty

Music Department Chair

William Malone

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Music Lead Advisor

Desiree Williams

Contact advising: 719-502-3232

Music Faculty PPCC Advisor

Career Options

In the music field a world of possibilities are open to you. Studying music may lead to a multitude of career options. For instance you might consider these options:

  • Music Educator
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Performer
  • Composer
  • Other art fields with dance or theatre

Careers in Music