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Why choose Accounting at PPCC?

Accounting at PPCC prepares you to be job-ready for many careers in business and industry. Graduation could lead to entry-level positions in bookkeeping or accounting, and it could be the next step toward earning the bachelor's degree necessary to become a Certified Public Accountant. Our instructors bring practical experience to the classroom that allows our students to grow into their careers and grow as individuals. 

What do PPCC Accounting students study?

As a PPCC accounting student, you will work closely with your professors to analyze complex business transactions, to make sound financial decisions, and to become a responsible business professional. You will study and gain familiarity with:

  • Accounting software used in the workplace
  • Accounting theory
  • Practical application of accounting concepts
  • Reporting and communicating financial results
  • Tax code and how to prepare individual and small business returns
  • Payroll processing

Classes you might take

Presents the basic elements and concepts of accounting, with emphasis on the procedures used for maintaining journals, ledgers, and other related records, and for the completion of end-of-period reports for small service and merchandising businesses.
Studies federal and state employment laws and their effects on personnel and payroll records. The course is non-technical and is intended to give students a practical working knowledge of the current payroll laws and actual experience in applying regulations. Students are exposed to computerized payroll procedures.
Introduces the capabilities of computer applications in accounting. Includes solving accounting problems of a financial nature and hardware and software controls.
Introduces basic computer terminology, file management, and PC system components, provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics, includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet.

What are graduates doing now?

PPCC alumni have moved into positions in the fields of Accountancy, Finance, Social Media Marketing, Sales, Hotel Management, Information Technology, Marketing Research, and Advertising.

Some graduates have gone on to own their own businesses as well, including day spas, clothing companies, and restaurants.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are competencies with which students will be proficient at the completion of an academic program. Program Learning Outcomes link with course learning outcomes and competencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

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