Why Choose Anthropology at PPCC?

PPCC’s Anthropology Department is dedicated to working closely with students so they learn the cross-cultural and comparative perspectives that prepare them for success when transferring to a four-year university. Anthropology's Associate of Arts degree has the flexibility of letting students complete fully online.

What will I study?

As a PPCC anthropology student, you will study the biology, prehistory and culture of human society. You will also examine cultural history and the behavior of those human societies and study people from all times and places. Ultimately students will understand current culture in a much more robust and broad manner. Students pursing anthropology will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of cultures and the intricacies of human life.
  • Discover the origins of the human experience.
  • Develop the ability to understand different cultures, societies, and human interactions.
  • Explore things like biological and linguistic diversity, prehistory, marriage and family, and politics.

Example Classes I Might Take

Studies human cultural patterns and learned behavior. Includes linguistics, social and political organization, religion, culture and personality, culture change, and applied anthropology.
Studies analytical methods in archaeological research including those employed in the field and in the laboratory. This course utilizes practical exercises to illustrate theoretical principles of archaeology, including methods of archaeological survey, excavation, artifact analysis, collection strategies, mapping strategies, and field interpretation.
Studies the basic principles of forensic anthropology, an applied field within the discipline of physical anthropology. Includes the study of the human skeleton, practical application of physical anthropology and archaeology, and judicial procedure, as they relate to the identification of human remains within a medico-legal context.

What Students are Saying

"If you want to learn and expand your knowledge of culture, societies, and yourself. This is the field for you."
— PPCC Student

Anthropology Learning Outcomes

1. Define and recall key aspects of all four sub‐disciplines of Anthropology
2. Recognize and describe the main characteristics of culture
3. Discuss the most important cultural processes at work in each society.
4. Analyze the evolutionary process of sociocultural change
5. Use methodological processes and terminology appropriate to the field of
6. Apply an anthropological perspective to real life situations
7. Examine diversity and global processes and how they relate and contribute to
the understanding of humanity.
8. Locate and synthesize relevant information

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