Close up of students hands cutting excess clay from a pot on a potters wheel.

Why Choose Ceramics at PPCC?

When studying ceramics at PPCC you learn from passionate artists who not only teach, but are also known as world-class ceramic artists. Working closely with your fellow students and professors you will develop techniques in hand building and wheel throwing. Students are exposed to electric and gas firings, Raku, glaze development and more.

What will I study?

As a PPCC ceramics student, you will be taught a variety of forming methods and decorative techniques. Students are given the opportunity to create and freely express themselves. Development of personal influences and style is encouraged. Functional and/or decorative ceramic pieces are investigated. Upon graduation, you will have a broad portfolio of work.

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Example Classes

Introduces traditional and contemporary ceramic forms and processes including hand building and throwing on the potter’s wheel.
Encourages students to develop an individual style of hand built and wheel thrown ceramic forms with continuing exploration in forming methods, decorative techniques and firing techniques.
Provides instruction in several methods of hand building and the study of functional and decorative design elements.

Career Options

Studying ceramics can kick-start a creative career in the arts. You can start your future as a studio artist and show your work in galleries, shops, art fairs or online. Explore professional development as an art teacher or take the initial steps necessary to become an professor of art.

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Lance Timco


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