Why Choose Computer Aided Drafting at PPCC?

We partner with industry experts and remain current with the best industry tools and practices. You will be trained using the latest release of AutoCAD to prepare 2D and 3D drawings for fabrication. Your education will also include learning to use SolidWorks to do 3D printing on one of our many 3D printers, instructed by our highly skilled faculty.

What will I study?

Students who study Computer Aided Drafting will:

  • Learn to prepare 2D and 3D drawings for fabrication using the latest release of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CREO (formerly Pro Engineer) and MasterCAM.
  • Understand print reading, problem-solving techniques, methods of simulation and testing, 3D printing, use of research tools.
  • Gain general organizational skills and applications in geometry and trigonometry.

All of our learning outcomes are skill based and expected to help students with practical application.

Example Classes I Might Take

Covers linetype identification, use of lineweights, file management, prototype/template creation using the latest release of AutoCAD. Interpretation of industry standards in dimensioning, symbology, drawing notes, freehand sketching and reading working drawings. Industries discussed in this course are architectural, engineering, design related, civil/survey, manufacturing, HVAC, and welding.
Focuses on basic computer aided drafting skills using the latest release of CAD software. Includes file management, Cartesian coordinate system, drawing set-ups, drawing aids, layer usage, drawing geometric shapes, editing objects, array, text applications, basic dimensioning, and Help access.
Introduces basic Pro/engineer software and its operations such as part creation, assembly creation and drawing creation. Pro/engineer is a 3D Parametric Solid Modeling program.
Focuses on industrial dimensioning practices, enables the student to develop skills in dimensioning techniques and learn to apply the ASME Y14.5 dimensioning standard.

Career Options

Computer Aided Drafting professionals possess a unique combination of artistic, design, mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Some careers in CAD are:

  • Modeling Design
  • Installation Drafter
  • Layout Designer
  • Mechanical Designer

Careers in CAD

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