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Why choose Computer Information Systems at PPCC?

Students interested in information systems and technology will have unique and exciting opportunities in their careers. Our world is becoming more technologically complex, you can be a part of the industry that utilizes and keeps that technology running - allowing our businesses, organizations, and societies to move forward.

What will I study?

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program can help launch a career in Information Technology (IT) or advance an existing IT career. Students will learn to:

  • Design, support and manage hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration.
  • Find and fix bugs in software.
  • Work with the tools and technologies used in today’s IT industry.

Example Classes I Might Take

Focuses on an overview of the needs for and roles of computer information systems. Emphasizes computer requirements in organizations, history, hardware functions, programming systems development, and computer operations. Introduces computer applications.
Introduces the basic concepts of relational databases, data storage, and retrieval. Covers database design, data modeling, transaction processing, and introduces the Structured Query Language for databases.
Enables the student to understand and develop appropriate help desk techniques. Includes roles of help-desk personnel, and how to trouble shoot hardware and software problems.

Earn College Credit While You Work

Internships are available for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher and a minimum of 30 credit hours in computer coursework. Earn college credits while working in local information technology organizations.

Deadlines to apply:

Summer - April 15th

Fall - July 15th

Spring - November 15th

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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are competencies with which students will be proficient at the completion of an academic program. Program Learning Outcomes link with course learning outcomes and competencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

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