Speeding on the Information Superhighway

The world depends on computer networks to keeps like lines of communications flowing for individuals, schools, and businesses. Specialists who can set-up and maintain network systems are indispensable.

Computer Networking, a High Growth Industry

The Colorado Labor Market reports that five out of the top 10 Colorado occupations are in IT-related fields. Detailed information about specific careers can be found at:

Additionally, several professional organizations are dedicated to informing and advancing the careers of Computer Networking professionals:

Earning Outlook

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

2016 Median Pay: $79,700per year

Entry Level Education: Bachelor's degree

Work Experience in Related Occupation: Less than 5 years

Job Outlook (2014-24): 8% (As fast as average)

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, as of Dec 2015

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