Why choose Computer Science at PPCC?

Computer science is an ever expanding field. Studying computer science at PPCC prepares you if you are planning for your bachelor's or enables you to get the skills you need to enter the field of computer programming.

What will I study?

Our program gets you prepared for careers in:

  • Application Development
  • Systems Programing
  • App Programing for Mobile Devices
  • Database Programing
  • Computer Architecture and Programing

Example Classes I Might Take

Introduces programming and applications development for computer science.
Introduces students to the discipline of computer science and programming. Algorithm development, data representation, logical expressions, sub-programs and input/output operations using a high-level programming language are covered. Intensive lab work outside of class time is required.
Continues algorithm development and problem solving techniques not covered in Computer Science I using a high-level programming language. Students are able to gain experience in the use of data structures and the design and implementation of larger software projects. Intensive computer laboratory experience is required for this course.

Consider Computer Science if you:

  • Take interest in working in one of the most innovative fields in today's society?
  • Want to study and work in one of the most critical fields of our time?
  • Like the idea that in Colorado, 5 of the Top 10 occupations are in computer-related fields.
  • Recognize Computer Science permeates all aspects of society (Social Networking, Medical Systems, Transportation, Entertainment, Commerce, etc.)

Computer Science Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify ways in which technology and computers impacts individuals and society
  2. Compare and contrast PC hardware and software systems as an informed consumer
  3. Define common technology terminology
  4. Identify computer hardware components and briefly explain their function
  5. Have a working knowledge of computer software/hardware installations and configurations
  6. Use a computer operating system to manage files, folders and drives
  7. Search the internet for personal, academic and business use
  8. Use various communication tools for personal, academic and business purposes
  9. Use writing, financial/statistical, presentation and data collecting/organization tools for academic research and communication
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