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Why choose Criminal Justice at PPCC?

The Criminal Justice program has active law enforcement and retired law enforcement instructors who keep current in the industry. We prepare students for a career as a law enforcement professional or provide a foundation to transfer to a university. This program offers various degrees and specialized certificates to meet your needs.

What will I study?

Our degrees prepare you for your bachelor's or to directly enter the field by providing the following:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system and criminal theory.
  • The skills and knowledge of an employed criminal justice professional.
  • Pre-employment or transfer program to students interested in the field.
  • Clear and competent communication and relational skills.

Example Classes I Might Take

Introduces students to the basic components of the criminal justice system in the United States. Concepts of crime, crime data, victimization, perspectives and views of crime, theory, and law are discussed. Particular attention to the criminal justice process, interaction and conflict between criminal justice agencies, and current criminal justice issues are examined.
Focuses on basic procedures in crime scene management to include photography and preparing initial reports and sketches. Includes processing evidence and related criminalistic procedures. Covers interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims to include the recording of identifications and descriptions. Incorporates lab and lecture.
Focuses on the adolescent who violates social and legal norms and the consequences for the individual and society. Emphasizes the social and psychological factors influencing individual delinquent patterns.

Criminal Justice Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the content materials relative to their studies in Criminal Justice
  2. Identify and distinguish the three major components of the criminal justice system
  3. Explain the relationship of the criminal justice system to society
  4. Recognize how the various mechanisms of the American Criminal Justice System operate and inter‐relate to each other
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Law Enforcement Academy

The Pikes Peak Law Enforcement Academy (PPRLEA) will train you for a rewarding career in Law Enforcement. Your training will consist of Tactical Firearms Training, Law Enforcement Driving and Arrest Control Techniques. You will also receive training in Police Procedures and a basic understanding of the law as it applies to police work. Upon completion of the academy you will be eligible to take the Colorado P.O.S.T. exam.

Law Enforcement Academy

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