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Why choose Economics at PPCC?

By studying Economics at PPCC, you will develop an analytical approach to understand a wide range of issues, from how products are priced to the causes and consequences of unemployment. You could pursue such careers as actuaries, statisticians and urban and regional planners, among others. 

What do PPCC Economics students study?

  • A comprehensive understanding of financial systems.
  • Micro and Macro level economics.
  • Explore saving and investment decisions, unemployment and market government.
  • Gain clear and competent communication and relational skills.

Classes you might take

Focuses on the study of the American economy, stressing the interrelationships among household, business, and government sectors. Explores saving and investment decisions, unemployment, inflation, national income accounting, taxing and spending policies, the limits of the market and government, public choice theory, the Federal Reserve System, money and banking, and international trade.
Studies the firm, the nature of cost, and how these relate to the economy as a whole. Analyzes economic models of the consumer, perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition. Explores economic issues including market power, population growth, positive and negative externalities, income distribution, poverty and welfare, discrimination, and international economic interdependence.
Includes data presentation and summarization, introduction to probability concepts and distributions, statistical inference —estimation, hypothesis testing, comparison of populations, correlation, and regression.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Why the cost of a ticket to your favorite band's last concert was so expensive?
  • Why you are paid so little in your part-time job?
  • Why it is more expensive to get into a nightclub on the weekends than during the week?
  • What influences the rate at which you change your currency into another when you travel?
  • Why some people seem to be so much richer than others, or why some firms make more profits than others?

Economics is a way of understanding the ins and outs of these phenomena.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are competencies with which students will be proficient at the completion of an academic program. Program Learning Outcomes link with course learning outcomes and competencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

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