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Faculty Members

Munick Headshot.jpg

Department Chair

Warren Munick

M.A. - Miami University

B.A. - Albright College

Munick did his graduate work at Miami University of Ohio and the University of Pennsylvania. He is a former demographer at the Bureau of the Census and Penn State University Data Center where he provided research for public policy makers. Mr. Munick has taught at colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Delaware and initiated student clubs to promote civic responsibility and entrepreneurship. 

As an ethnographer and consultant to the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Coalition of Essential Schools, he worked to foster change in public schools by working with teachers and parents to teach the principles of free enterprise to students of all ages. 

He participated in a pioneering program in 1993, Turning Gang Members into Entrepreneurs for Rebuild LA, a global initiative to increase opportunities for urban youth in south central Los Angeles. Munick founded the Economics Discussion Series, which has attracted hundreds of local leaders to teach, mentor, and inspire next generation student innovators. 

As President of the Collegiate Peaks Forum Series in Buena Vista, Colorado, a lecture series dedicated to intellectual inquiry, Mr. Munick forged first-ever relationships with local school districts and libraries to introduce children to philosophy. Munick also taught college classes in economics and sociology at the CO State Correctional Facility in Buena Vista. 

Munick is a Certified Ice House Entrepreneurship Program Facilitator and has served as advisor to the Pikes Peak Community College Entrepreneurs Club and champion of the Daniels Ethics Initiative Fund.

Munick is currently the Economics Department Chair, teaches economics and entrepreneurship courses, and serves as PPCC academic representative to the State Faculty Curriculum Committee.

Associate Professor

Miki Anderson

M.A. - West Virginia University

B.A. - University of Utah

Adjunct Instructors

Adjunct Instructor

Richard Anderson

M.A. - Wayne State University

B.A. - Michigan State University

Leeson, Jeff.jpg

Adjunct Instructor

Jeffrey Leeson

D.M. - Colorado Technical University

M.S. - Colorado Technical University

Adjunct Instructor

James Brooke

Ph.D. - Tufts University

M.A.L.D. - Tufts University 

Adjunct Instructor

James Pirner

M.A. - University of Missouri

B.A. - University of Missouri