Why choose English at PPCC?

When studying English at PPCC, you not only learn how to communicate well in writing, but also learn the art of effective argument, critical thinking and reasoning. Our English students also become adept at various types of visual communication from text messaging to blogging to website design.

What will I study?

As a PPCC English student, you will learn about the power of the English language through three emphasis areas: creative writing, literature and journalism. Within these areas you will:

  • Hone writing and critical thinking skills
  • Construct persuasive arguments
  • Conduct various types of research
  • Explore the language of imagination through creative genres
  • Develop your unique style of writing
  • Read and interpret various types of literature
  • Study mass media and reporting
  • Interview, research and write feature pieces
  • Learn literary techniques that can be incorporated into writing
  • Compose proposals, technical documents, and procedural documents

You will learn how reading critically and writing are powerful communication tools.

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Career Options

Those who choose to major in English will discover they are prepared for diverse employment opportunities, whether continuing their education in various graduate schools or entering the professional world. Some career options include: 

  • Technical Writing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing and Public Relations
  • Mass Communications

Careers in English



PPCC has a student run journal called Parley.
Each year students publish printed and online stories and essays through this publication.

Contact Sarah McMahon via phone at 719-502-3037, email her for more information about Parley, or submit your works below:

Email Sarah McMahon Submit Your Works

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