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Why Take College Composition and Reading?

The mission of College Composition and Reading (CCR) is to engage developmental students in those aspects of critical reading, critical thinking, and writing processes to prepare them for success in college-level English courses. 

The English Department, housed in the Division of Mathematics and English, offers three College Composition and Reading (CCR) courses to help under prepared students excel in their college-level reading and writing.

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What will I study?

The decision to enroll in college and continue your academic journey can be challenging. Our department meets students where they are at in their academic journey and helps them succeed.  You will learn:

  • To read and understand complex materials
  • To write informative texts
  • To write persuasive texts

Example Classes I Might Take

This five-credit hour course covers all the necessary reading and writing skills to help you prepare for college-level reading and writing. Students who pass this course are prepared to take ENG 121 the following semester.
This three-credit hour course is available to students registered in a Guaranteed Transfer (GT) content course (HIS 101, PSY 101, etc.) and is meant to be completed co-requisitely with this GT course. Students will read and write on materials related to the content course in which they are enrolled. This course is a good option for students who want to get started on their required content courses their first semester, with academic support.
This three-credit hour class is paired with a three-credit hour ENG 121 course and both courses are taught by the same instructor. Students get supplementary help with ENG 121 course materials and assignments during the connected three-credit CCR 094 course. All CCR 094 assignments help support the learning required in ENG 121.

Contact College Composition and Reading

Call or email Carol Forseth for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Office: 719-502-3600


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