Why Choose Humanities at PPCC?

The mission of humanities at PPCC is to foster the future through studies of the past and present. Our students will learn about themselves by studying the past and present using the tools of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of ideas. Our students will also ponder the answers to questions about being human; as a person, as part of a culture, and as a part of the human race.

What will I study?

As a PPCC humanities student, you will study paintings, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, and philosophy to discover the nature of humankind and the values held by various peoples. All Humanities courses support ANY discipline, in that they will enhance your critical thinking, improve your writing skills and increase your understanding of your world. Also, you may later specialize in any of the fine arts, literature, and philosophy or in the history of the arts of a particular period or country. Survey courses include interdisciplinary study of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and ethnic American groups.

Example Classes I Might Take

Introduces students to the history of ideas that have defined cultures through a study of the visual arts, literature, drama, music, and philosophy. It emphasizes connections among the arts, values, and diverse cultures, including European and non-European, from the Ancient world to 1000 C.E.
Examines written texts, visual arts, and musical compositions to analyze and reflect the evolution and confluence of cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Americas from 800 C.E. to 1750 C.E.
Examines the cultures of the 17th through the 20th centuries by focusing on the interrelationships of the arts, ideas, and history. Considers the influences of industrialism, scientific development, and non-European peoples.

Career Options

Students of the humanities are well-versed in their subject and are typically excellent communicators and writers. These qualities create a foundation for further study, and also career options such as:

  • Genealogist
  • Journalists
  • Artists
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers

Careers in Humanities

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