Employment Opportunities

Skilled graduates of the PPCC Nursing program often find work in hospitals and other types of health care facilities. Some nursing environments include:

Nursing care facilities often involve treating elderly patients, but it can also include long-term rehabilitation and care for patients recently discharged from a hospital.

General medical and surgical hospital nurses usually work in a specific department, or may rotate between departments. Some of the most common settings include surgery, the maternity ward or the emergency room.

Physician office nurses benefit from working regular office hours (compared to a hospital shift). They often spend their time preparing patients for exams, giving injections, dressing incisions and conducting clerical duties, like keeping patient records.

Home health care nurses provide patient comfort in the home, rather than in a facility, and also help manage any medical equipment that the patient needs.

Community care nurses do not give medical care to patients at the facility. Responsibilities at a community care facility generally have more to do with patient comfort, like bathing, dressing and assisting with daily life.

Earnings Outlook

Registered Nurses earn on average $69,790 per year.

In Colorado, the median hourly salary in 2014 for Registered Nurses was $32.83, with a salary range of $69,600. From 2012 to 2020, there are expected to be an average of 2,209 job openings per year in Colorado, an increase of 24%.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Colorado Department of Higher Education - PDF

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