Nursing Department Data

The PPCC nursing program offers education that prepares students to excel in their nursing career. A high percent of PPCC nursing students accepted to the program successfully complete the program. Students graduating from PPCC have experienced success on the NCLEX exam which is required for becoming a licensed registered nurse. Graduate PPCC nursing students find nursing jobs upon passing the NCLEX.

NCLEX Success Rates (First Attempt)

2017-2018 98.68%

2016-2017 97.6%

2015-2016 100%

2014-2015 99%

2013-2014 100%

For current detailed information of nursing student NCLEX pass rates of all Colorado nursing schools visit the Colorado Board of Nursing.

Job Placement Rates

Overall 90% of our graduates are employed or have returned continued their education.

Expected level of Achievement

Student Cohort Date of graduation

Employment Rate

Response Rate (surveys returned/surveys distributed)

90% of our graduates surveyed are either employed or have returned to school to complete their BSN within six to twelve months post-graduation.


Spring 2016/Fall 2016


Same as above


Spring 2015/Fall 2015

100% Employed


Same as above


Spring 2014/Fall 2014

100% Employed


Overall Student Completion Rate in the Nursing Program

Expected Level of Achievement

Year & Semester of Entry

Program Completion Rate

75% of our students will complete the program within 150% of the time of starting their first nursing course.

Fall 2014, n=57

Spring 2014, n=49

n=43 or 75.4%

n=44 or 89.8%

Same as above

Fall 2013, n=56

Spring 2013, n= 52

n=51 or 91%

n=43, or 82.6%

Same as above

Fall 2012, n = 50

Spring 2012, n= 55

n= 33 or 66%

n= 33 or 60%