Prerequisite Classes

If I took BIO 201 or BIO 204 at a different institution, and earned more than one D or F in those courses, can I retake them at PPCC to earn better grades to apply to the Nursing Program?

Regardless of where the 200 level Biology classes were taken, if more than one D or F was earned, then students cannot apply to the Nursing Program at PPCC for a period of 7 years.

Are online Biology or math courses accepted for the Nursing Program?

Yes, biology and math courses can be taken online for the Nursing Program at PPCC. However, some BSN programs may require that these courses be taken in person.

Can I take the CLEP exam for any of the prerequisite courses?

Yes, students can take the CLEP exam for ENG 121 and PSY 235. However, there will be no grade awarded, and will not be included in the calculation for points for the nursing application. CLEP can also be taken for BIO 111.

Am I required to take BIO 111 (General College Biology 1 w/lab) before taking BIO 201 (Anatomy & Physiology 1 w/lab) and BIO 204 (Microbiology w/lab)?

Yes, BIO 111 is a prerequisite for both BIO 201 and BIO 204. There is a BIO 111 placement test. If students get a score of 70 or above, they can bypass (not earn credit for) BIO 111 to take BIO 201 and/or BIO 204. Students wanting to take the BIO 111 placement test must stop by Advising to get a referral form.

Can AP or IB credit count toward the prerequisite courses?

Yes, AP and IB credit can count toward ENG 121, BIO 111, and PSY 101. Please see an Advisor to clarify minimum score needed and exactly what exam will count toward courses. Students may also visit the Prior Learning for Credit webpage to view the testing matrix. Official score reports will need to be submitted to records to have credit officially transferred in to PPCC.

Can I apply with any of the prerequisite coursework in-progress?

No, all prerequisite coursework (ENG 121, PSY 235, BIO 201, and BIO 204) must have grades posted before the application deadline in order to apply.

I completed A&P I and II at my previous institution. Do I qualify to take BIO 204-Microbiology at PPCC?

No, completion of BIO 201 and BIO 202 does not meet the prerequisite for BIO 204 (Microbiology). The prerequisite is BIO 111 (General College Biology). This class must be completed or student must obtain a score of at least 70 on the BIO 111 placement test. The same applies if a student completed BIO 204 at a different institution. This would not meet the prerequisite of BIO 201 (Human Anatomy & Physiology) and students will need to complete BIO 111 or pass the BIO 111 placement test with at least a 70.

Can I repeat prerequisite courses I already passed for higher grades? Is there a limit to the number of times I can repeat them?

Yes, you can repeat courses you have passed to receive higher grades. However if you are using financial aid, you will need to check to see if financial aid will pay for a repeated course. Additionally, you can retake courses such as BIO 201 or BIO 204, however, you cannot receive more than one D or F, or will be disqualified from applying to the Nursing Program for 7 years.

I will be completing my prerequisites in the Spring semester. Will I still be able to apply for Fall admission?

Yes, students completing prerequisites in the spring semester can apply by the deadline in May for Fall admission.  Final grades for prerequisites MUST be posted and be reflected on the unofficial PPCC transcript submitted with the Nursing application. This is, however, not the case if students complete prerequisite classes in the fall semester. If students are completing prerequisites in the fall semester, they cannot apply by the September deadline, as their grades will not be posted until December. Thus, those students will have to apply in the spring.

Admission Requirements

Please see the Nursing Department website for an overview of admission requirements.

How are points calculated for admission into the Nursing Program?

Points are calculated based on GPA for the four required prerequisite courses: ENG 121, PSY 235, BIO 201, and BIO 204. There are a possible 40 points, with the possibility of earning an extra 2 points if student has a prior degree (Associates or higher from an accredited institution- if you have more than one degree, the 2 points are only awarded once).  For example, if a student has a GPA for the prerequisite classes of a 3.2, they would be awarded 32 points out of 40. If a student has a 4.0 and has a prior degree, they would have 42 points.

Do students who have a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree get preference in the application process?

Anyone who has an Associate’s Degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university gets extra points in the application process. Note: The maximum amount of extra points a student can gain from a previous degree is two (2). If you have more than one degree, the 2 points are only awarded once.

What is the minimum GPA requirement?

The minimum GPA is 2.5. This is posted on the Nursing web page and on the application. However, this is a competitive entry Program and students whose GPA is higher are always considered first.

I have completed coursework to earn an LPN outside of PPCC, can I be accepted into the Program and only need to complete the remaining 2 semesters of coursework to earn an RN?

Students interested in going from an LPN to RN will need to contact the Nursing Department directly to see what their options are, as they will need to work directly with Nursing faculty. Currently, students who hold an LPN can substitute this for the CNA requirement, and must still complete all other application requirements for admission into the Nursing Program.

Does experience working in the medical field give students a greater advantage when applying?

No, only points are awarded for the GPA for the prerequisite courses, and if the student has a prior degree. There are no other points awarded for having experience working in the medical field.

How many students are accepted into the Nursing Program?

There are two cohorts every year. One cohort starts in the spring semester and one starts in the fall semester. There are approximately 58-62 students accepted for each cohort, thus approximately 118-124 students are accepted every year.

Can any coursework that is part of the Nursing Program be completed prior to applying?

Yes, MAT 103, BIO 202, and BIO 216 can be completed before applying to the Nursing Program, but they are not required to apply to the Program.

Do students need to complete an elective in Humanities or Social Sciences to meet degree requirements?

By default the prerequisite for PSY 235 is PSY 101 and this acts as the one elective requirement. Only if a student wants to take general education courses toward a BSN would they take anything further in these areas. Students can consider taking general education courses that apply toward most BSN programs, however students will need to verify exact requirements with their target institution.

Am I required to attend a Nursing Information Night?

Yes, this is a requirement in order to apply to the Nursing program. Students MUST attend a Nursing Info Night and have a signed Verification Form proving their attendance at the Night within 365-days previous to their application to the Nursing Program.  Students must register for a session online by going to the Nursing Department website.

Where do I find the Nursing application, and how do I know when it is due?

The Nursing application (once available) along with the application deadline will be on the Nursing Department Website under the Application Process tab. All other application requirements for the Nursing Program are also located on the Nursing Department website

I am only interested in the LPN Exit option. Is the application process the same as the RN? What does the LPN Exit option consist of?

The application process and requirements is the exact same for the RN and LPN Exit option. Students are eligible to apply to write the NCLEX-PN at the successful completion of the first year of nursing courses and NUR 169 - Transition into Practical Nursing (minimum of C grade).

Is there a waiting list for the Nursing Program?

No, there is no waiting list. If students do not get accepted, they can reapply by the next application deadline. There is no limit to how many times a student can apply.

I started college under a different major and took a lot of classes I ended up failing or withdrawing. Will that affect my chances of getting into the Nursing program?

Points for the Nursing application will only be calculated based on your combined GPA for ENG 121, PSY 235, BIO 201, and BIO 204. Failing grades or withdrawing from other courses outside of the prerequisites will not affect your chances of getting into the Nursing program. Withdrawing from any of the prerequisite classes does not affect you in regards to the application, however failing grades will if you received more than one D or F in any 200 level BIO class, as you will be disqualified from applying to the Program for 7 years. If you retake prerequisite classes for higher grades, the higher grade will be considered over the lower grade.

Can I take non-Nursing courses while in the Nursing program (i.e. ASL courses, foreign language courses, etc.)?

Yes, non-Nursing coursework can be taken while in the Nursing Program. However, each student will need to check with financial aid to verify that those courses will be covered by financial aid.

Does PPCC offer part-time or online Nursing Program options?

No, there are no part-time or online options to complete the Nursing Program. It is a full-time Program offered only in person. The State of Colorado requires the same amount of classroom time as clinical hours. It would be very difficult for a student to work even part-time around this demanding Program.

Will my “dismissed” offenses on my record disqualify me from getting into the Nursing program?

No, any dismissed offenses will not disqualify you from getting into the Nursing Program. Please review background check disqualifying offenses.

Is there an interview for admission into the Nursing Program?

There is no interview for admission into the Nursing Program. Students need to compile all application materials as outlined on the Nursing Department website, and turn those into the Nursing Department. Students will be notified of their provisional acceptance by postal service if they have been accepted into the Nursing Program.

How many times can a student apply to the PPCC Nursing Program?

A student can apply as many times as they wish.

Are Nursing student applicants free to use marijuana because of the new Colorado Marijuana Law?

All hospitals, PPCC Nursing Assistant courses and Nursing Program will NOT accept someone whose drug test indicates marijuana use.

CNA and my CPR card

Can an EMT certification or working as a medical assistant substitute for the CNA requirement?

No, only a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can be substituted for the CNA requirement.

Do I need to maintain an active Colorado CNA certificate while in the Nursing Program?

No, the CNA only needs to be active when applying to the Nursing Program.

What type of CPR certification is required?

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Professionals is what is required.  The instructional portion can be done online, but the full classroom course is preferred.  You MUST have the skills portion done in person with an instructor that can check off that the skills (compressions and mouth-to-mouth) are done correctly.  You cannot do that portion online and no substitutions will be accepted.  The CPR course must be for adults, children, and infants, and must include artificial external defibrillator (AED) instruction.

PPCC is now an official regional instruction center for the American Heart Association CPR courses.  This is your best bet for receiving proper instruction and the type of CPR card we are looking for in regards to the NUA and NUR courses.   

Can I take the CNA courses out in the community?

Yes, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has a list of Certified Nurse Aid approved education programs listed out by county in Colorado.

I had my CNA certificate but it expired. Do I have to retake the CNA classes at PPCC?

Students with an expired CNA certification can contact Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for information on how to renew their CNA certification.

I took the CNA classes at my previous institution but I never got the certificate. What can I do to fulfill this requirement?

Students can contact Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for information on taking the state CNA Certification Exam.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), Version 6

Where can I take the TEAS test, and how do I schedule it, how much does it cost, and what is the minimum score I need to pass?

The TEAS test can be taken at the testing center at either the Centennial Campus or the Rampart Range Campus. It MUST be Version 6; no exceptions.  You must call the testing center to schedule a time to take the test. Additionally, the cost for this exam is $85. It is $20 to reschedule after you have committed to a test date and time. Students wanting to take this test need to pay the cashier and bring their receipt to the Testing Center at the location they wish to test at to schedule their exam. Prior to testing students need to create an account and bring their username and password to the Testing center on the day of testing. The score report is printed by the student upon completion. The adjusted individual score, reading score, and mathematics score must be at or above the current national mean. If students took the TEAS exam prior to the semester in which they are applying, they will need to contact the Nursing Department to verify the CURRENT national mean for the semester they are applying, as the CURRENT national mean may differ from what the national mean was when the exam was taken.

What should I study for the TEAS test?

The TEAS test covers Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. Study materials and practice tests can be accessed on the test website or at the PPCC bookstore. Please also see the Certification Testing webpage.

Do students who have taken the HESI (another nursing entrance exam) still have to take the TEAS?

Any applicant to PPCC's Nursing Program must take the TEAS and meet the CURRENT national mean, even if they have already taken the HESI.

Being Accepted into the Nursing Program

I am interested in dual-enrollment, how do I do that?

Students can view the RN to BSN Transfer Guide for Colorado Nursing Programs for more information regarding transferring to BSN programs. For further questions, students should contact their intended transfer institution for information on dual-enrollment. Local partnerships include UCCS, CSU Pueblo, and seven other colleges or universities.  Additionally, the PPCC Nursing Department hosts Dual Enrollment fairs every year. Please contact the Nursing Department for more information on when these fairs are held.

Where do Nursing students complete their clinical component?

Clinical components for the Nursing Program are held at local hospitals or long-term, acute-care centers that are under contract with our Nursing Department.

Will my RN license be valid when I move to another state?

If your RN license is in good standing, you will need to apply for licensure by endorsement from your new state board of nursing.  You can contact Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for further information.

Can Nursing courses be taken over the summer?

There are no summer courses in the Nursing Program, except for the LPN Exit Option (course NUR 169 Transition into Practical Nursing).  It is also possible that the Nursing Department will offer an LPN to RN Bridge Program in the summer, but it will depend on staffing, interest in the Program, and approval for the course to run.  The summer semester is also the only time these courses are offered.

If a student has the BSN in mind for the future and wants to take summer courses, they can take general education courses for the BSN. If they have been accepted into any Dual Enrollment program, such as at UCCS or CSU-Pueblo, they could take upper division BSN courses online in the summer as well. Students need to contact CSU-Pueblo, UCCS, or their target BSN institution to find out more about these courses.

How is a registered nurse (RN) with an Associate’s degree different from a RN with a Bachelor’s degree?

Nurses who carry the RN title and the BSN title are both RNs. Both have completed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) — a national test that’s required for licensing and practice as a nurse in the United States. The largest difference between the two is the level and length of education they have received. To become an RN, students can earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from a college or university program or a Diploma of Nursing through a hospital-based Nursing Program. BSN-prepared nurses have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and have received additional training in leadership, management, and administrative roles. Both ADN-prepared and BSN-prepared nurses can care for patients and perform traditional duties such as assessments, completion of procedures within the scope of practice, and medical charting. But an RN without a bachelor’s degree may not qualify for some nursing jobs that require additional education. These jobs may include nurse educator roles, some unit or departmental coordinator roles, and management positions. Many hospitals require all new hires to have at least a BSN.

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