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Associate of Science in Physics Degree

Physics focuses on the nature of energy and matter, space, and time. It is a prerequisite to any in-depth study of the sciences and technologies. It leads to careers in engineering, astronomy, astronautics, medical research, geophysics, meteorology, and biophysics. Physics is a "hard" science, which means it is based on mathematics. A solid foundation in mathematics is essential for success in physics and engineering.

About the Physics Degree

The study of physics requires that you learn fundamental scientific concepts and become proficient in problem solving. Usually there is only one correct answer based on the science and the mathematics. At PPCC, you will acquire a solid understanding of physical concepts through diligent analysis and careful calculation in order to find those answers.

An Associate of Science (AS) degree in physics opens a variety of doors. Strong backgrounds in mathematics and the physical sciences lend themselves to careers in engineering, computer science, astronomy, and meteorology.

Transfer Options

At PPCC, you can complete the basic physics courses and many of the mathematics courses needed for a bachelor’s degree in physics or engineering. You will need to take the more advanced and specialized physics courses at a four-year university.

Get Started in Physics

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