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Your Robotics and Automation Technology Career Starts Here

This Associate degree program in Robotics and Automation is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level technician careers in the robotics and automation field. Graduates become qualifies to work in electronic automation and in control systems environments. Students in this program focus on the principles behind robotic and automation technology. Classroom instruction focuses on principles of robotics, design, programming, operation of robotic systems, and robotics system maintenance. Automation systems include topics such as Programmable Logic Controllers, Sensors and Transducers and Fundamentals of DC/AC.  Other classes focus on robotic language control, system repair, and robot computer systems, and design.  A lab course is a mandatory component of this robotics degrees program, allowing students to work one-on-one with various types of robots and automation systems. To maximize student success in this program student are taught basic electronics and electronics assembly as well as other core course titles that include:
•    Electro mechanics
•    Mechatronics
•    Microcomputer
•    Electrical theory DC/AC
•    Electrical circuits and wiring
•    Computer aided design
•    Robotic systems and design
•    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
•    Industrial Ethernet and Fiber Optic LANS
•    Digital Devices
•    Computer Aided Drafting 2D


Associate of Applied Science (Robotics and Automation Technology)

Course sequence plan for Robotics and Automation Technology


Advanced Manufacturing Electronics
Automated Systems
Basic Automation
Basic Electronics
Electronic Assembly
Robotic Technology

Certifications earned are applied towards the AAS degree

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