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Why Choose Sociology at PPCC?

Sociology is the systematic study of society, which includes: people in groups, cultures and subcultures, the socialization process, social organization, social institutions, social stratification, social change, race and ethnic relations, human ecology, and social problems. As an intellectual discipline, it deals with developing scientific and reliable knowledge about human social relationships in group life. Courses are designed to increase personal awareness of the social environment, to help students prepare for interpersonal relationships in careers and to equip students for further studies in sociology.

What will I study?

Sociology strives to understand society with theories and ideas driven from research. Pursuing a sociology degree will:

  • Uncover a deeper understanding of society
  • Develop an understanding of cultures and theories
  • Examine the influence of values, roles, norms and social stratification on everyday life.

Sociology examines culture and society from many different angles. As a result it will change the way students think about society and expand students ability to think critically.

Example Classes I Might Take

Examines the basic concepts, theories, and principles of sociology as well as human culture, social groups, and the social issues of age, gender, class, and race.
Explores current social issues that result in societal problems. It focuses on such issues as civil liberties, gender discrimination, substance abuse, crime, poverty, and social change.
Examines the nature, identification, and explanation of deviant categories. Theories, and philosophies as well as methods of treatment related to deviancy will also be considered. The course will study society’s attempts to control, change, and institutionalize those acts, individuals, or groups that a population may deem unacceptable.

What are graduates doing now?

Pikes Peak Community College alumni have positions in fields and industries such as: government agencies, research and planning, education, and criminal justice. Some graduates have gone on to own their own businesses as well.

Graduates from PPCC's sociology programs have also gone on to study at the following schools:

UCCS, CSU Pueblo, CSU Fort Collins, Colorado College and more

Inspiring Quote

“Sociology will be satisfying in the long run, only to those who can think of nothing more entrancing than to watch people and to understand things human.” – Peter Berger

Student Story

"I would not be where I am today without the sociology program at PPCC. The faculty…engaged me in a way that I've never experienced in my academic career. I became eager to learn, stimulated by thoughtful discussions. Each class I took reaffirmed my decision to pursue sociology. PPCC was the third academic institution I've attended in my academic career, yet this department was the first to really implement creative teaching styles that really catered to the needs of different learning styles."

What previous students are doing now

"I am transferring to UCCS where I intend to double major in Sociology and Psychology. After completing my bachelor's degree, I intend to earn a PhD in Sociology." –Barbara

"I am currently working as the Director of Communications for a non-profit that focuses on providing financial counseling for people all over the country." -Sharla

"I am working for the Department of Justice." –Layth

"For the last 5 years I have been a nurse case manager." –Starla

Sociology Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and explain the three main theoretical perspectives of sociology
  2. Apply theoretical perspectives to explain stratification in society
  3. Communicative effectively sociological content in written format
  4. Use the tools of sociology to analyze social realities
  5. Identify and apply knowledge of key sociological concepts
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