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Sociology Degree

Sociology is an intellectual discipline, it deals with developing scientific and reliable knowledge about human social relationships in group life. Courses are designed to increase personal awareness of the social environment, to prepare for interpersonal relationships in careers, and to equip students for further studies in sociology.

Associate of Arts Sociology

Pikes Peak Community College offers a wide range of Sociology courses designed to meet the needs and interests of students. The Associate of Arts degree with a Sociology major transfers to all 4 year Colorado state colleges and universities. Faculty advisors can assist in course selection and offer assistance in selecting schools with Sociology programs.

Associate of Arts (AA) in Sociology

Sample Academic Plan for Full Time Student*

*Your personalized schedule will be best determined by meeting with an Academic Advisor

Semester 1

(Course & Credit Hours)

ENG 121 English Composition I (3)

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 1 (3)

MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics (3) or

MAT 121 College Algebra (3)

COM 125 Interpersonal Communication (3) or

COM 115 Public Speaking (3)

PHI 113 Logic (3) or

GT Course from AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4

Total 15 Credit Hours

Semester 2

(Course & Credit Hours)

ENG 122 English Composition II (3)

SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology II (3)

POS 105 Introduction to Political Science (3) or

AA Approved Elective

HIS 112 The World: 1500- Present (3) or

GT Course from HI1

PSY 101 General Psychology I (3) or

AA Approved Elective

Total 15 Credit Hours

Semester 3

(Course & Credit Hours)

ENV 101 Environmental Science with Lab (4) or

GT Course from SC1 (with Lab)

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology (3) or

GT Course from SS1, SS2, or SS3

LIT 115 Introduction to Literature (3) or

GT Course from AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4

200 Level GT Pathway SOC course

PED 110 Fitness Center Activity (1) or

AA Approved Elective (Minimum of 1 Credit Hour)

Total 14 Credit Hours

Semester 4

(Course & Credit Hours)

GEO 106 Human Geography (3) or

GT Course from SS1, SS2, or SS3

GEY 111 Physical Geology with Lab (4) or

GT Course from SC1 (with Lab)

200 Level GT Pathway SOC Course

200 Level GT Pathway SOC Course 

HUM 123 The Modern World (3) or

GT Course from AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4

Total 16 Credit Hours

**200 Level Sociology Courses Include: SOC 205 Family, SOC 207 Enviroment, SOC 216 Gender, SOC 218 Diversity, SOC 220 Religion, SOC 231 Deviant Behavior and 237 Death and Dying.

Long Term Schedule

The 2-year course offering schedule is intended to be used as a general planning tool. Course offerings may change. Contact an advisor for more information. Printable PDF

2-Year Course Offerings

AA - Sociology Printable Program Flier (PDF)