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Why study Theatre at PPCC?

Drama is one of the oldest forms of human expression and PPCC is dedicated to providing students with the academic training and hands-on experience they need to pursue it as a career. Students learn about performing and production through classroom instruction and by staging productions of classical and modern theatre. A degree at PPCC can lead to work in acting, directing, screenwriting, theatre and stage management and costume, lighting and set design.

What do PPCC Theatre students study?

Courses in Theatre give students a basic understanding of performance and production, allowing you to learn and grow in this exciting field. In pursuing an Associates of Arts Degree in Theatre, you will:

  • Learn about the history and evolution of drama from Ancient to Contemporary.
  • Analyze live theatrical performances.
  • Learn and practice the techniques of playwriting and dramatic structure.
  • Participate in set construction, stage management, scenic artistry, costuming, lighting, and sound.
  • Apply performance techniques that incorporate the body, voice, emotion, and intellect.
  • Connect with the community through performance, internships, and design opportunities.
  • Be able to transfer to a four year university.

Classes You Might Take

Includes discussions, workshops, and lectures designed to discover, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of the theatre experience: scripts, acting, directing, staging, history, criticism, and theory.
Covers basic acting techniques and approaches including scene study, improvisation, and script analysis. Includes practical application through classroom performance.
Surveys the history and evolution of drama from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance, emphasizing all aspects of the art from period values to analysis of dramatic literature and performance.
Gives students the opportunity to learn and practice playwriting techniques, thereby improving creative writing skills. Elements of dramatic structure, dialogue, styles, and theatrical practices are emphasized.

Career Options

A theatre degree from PPCC provides a variety of opportunities for students who love theatre, either acting in front of the audience, or working behind the scenes developing the production. Careers for theatre include the following:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Designer
  • Drama Teacher
  • Stage Manager

Careers in Theatre

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Some of What We do.

We offer opportunities for students to participate in plays both at PPCC and within the community.

The Play, "After"

Get started in Theatre

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