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What Can I do with a Degree in Zoo Keeping Technology?

A degree in Zoo Keeping Technology allows graduates to work in a variety of fields with the interesting and evolving, animal-care industry. Students go on to work in zoos, aquariums, wildlife rehabilitation centers, humane societies and Division of Wildlife facilities.

Qualities of a Zoo Keeper

  • No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch balance, and ability of movement that might interfere with ability to work
  • Ability to adjust to changing situations as needs dictate
  • Passion for working with animals
  • Physical strength, including the ability to frequently move fifty pounds
  • Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment that may include rubber/latex gloves, steel-toed boots/shoes, face shields, eye goggles, and dust masks
  • No allergy related to plants or animals that would impede work
  • Ability to remain of feet for long periods of time
  • Working in a variety of weather conditions, weekends, and holidays
  • Work in small, confined spaces

Want to find out if this program is for you? Explore potential careers on the web at America's Career InfoNet or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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