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About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at PPCC

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pikes Peak Community College Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) is committed to serving the good of the community. We do this by educating people. We provide open access to higher education and a high quality learning environment in which students can realize new opportunities and gain critical, 21st century skills they need to succeed in the workforce or in further education. Teaching people how to work effectively with others, across boundaries, is central to our mission.

This begins with welcoming and valuing people for who they are and for the unique contributions each person adds to our campus. It also requires our faculty, staff and students to encounter, explore and understand a broad range of ideas and cultures. Our community college mission is inseparable from the ever-­increasing diversity in our society.

Diverse and inclusive learning and working environments promote a free and open exchange of ideas, improve critical thinking, civic engagement and leadership skills, and deepen empathy and respect for those unlike ourselves. Our campus is enriched by a variety of voices and experiences.

Attracting, hiring and retaining a highly engaged workforce that reflects and supports the diversity of our student body are of central importance to our work. Other essential factors are expanding and strengthening opportunities for students to learn and succeed through culturally responsive instruction and diversity-­infused course offerings. We ensure that diversity represents a process of continual learning and improvement by developing, cultivating and sustaining an organizational culture based on mutual respect, inquiry and civility. (PPCC Diversity Team, October 2015)

2017-2022 PPCC DEI Strategic Goals

NOTE: Visit the Destination 2022 webpage to review the PPCC Campus Strategic Plan.

  1. Create opportunities to increase the pool of qualified employee applicants from underrepresented populations [IN PROGRESS].
  2. Administer mandatory workforce diversity training sessions for all search committee members [COMPLETED].
  3. Increase employee and student participation in cultural competence training sessions [IN PROGRESS].
  4. Disaggregate all campus data by various diverse student populations and identify achievement gaps [COMPLETED].
  5. Establish recruitment, enrollment, retention, and completion initiatives for underrepresented students in order to close achievement gaps [COMPLETED].
  6. Sponsor programs and initiatives to increase underrepresented student engagement and student intergroup interaction [EXPLORING].
  7. Increase external funding for campus diversity programs and initiatives [EXPLORING].
  8. Administer assessment tools to measure the impact of campus diversity programs and events [IN PROGRESS].
  9. Create more opportunities to recognize and reward PPCC stakeholders for their outstanding achievements and contributions to campus diversity programs and initiatives [COMPLETED].
  10. Increase marketing and communication outlets to promote campus diversity programs, initiatives, and achievement [COMPLETED].

Established in February, 2017, and last updated in February 2021.