"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads are equal in value no matter what their color.” - Maya Angelou

Featured Diversity Awards and Achievements at PPCC

Military Times recognized the PPCC Military and Veteran Programs in the 2018 "Best for Vets" rankings.

Jack Ritchie, PPCC Culinary Arts Student, Colorado Springs Independent 2017 Inclusion Award Recipient.

2017 PPCC DEI Awards Recipients:

  • PPCC DEI Student of the Year - Nzallah Whong, Global Village Facilitator
  • PPCC DEI Staff Member of the Year - Kristina Charfauros, Administrative Assistant & Events Coordinator, Student Life
  • PPCC DEI Faculty of the Year - Katherine Sturdevant, Professor, History

2018 PPCCC DEI Award Recipients:

  • PPCC DEI Student of the Year - Dulce Estrada Gomez
  • PPCC Staff Member of the Year - Konrad Schlarbaum,
    Coordinator of Sustainability, Student Life 
  • PPCC Faculty of the Year - Sarah Shaver, Theater
  • PPCC Outstanding Community Leader Award - 
    Alana Mitchell (PPCC Student)
  • PPCC Distinguish Service Award - Regina Lewis,
    Professor, Communications

Honorable Mention: 

  • Saddam Alotaibi (student)
  • Chelsea Barrett (student)
  • Kristina Charfarous (staff)
  • Tiko Hardy (faculty)
  • Su Il Kim (faculty)
  • Lacey King (Student)
  • Ann-Marie Manning (faculty)
  • Martin Conrad (faculty)
  • Robin Schofield (faculty)