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DEI Committees, Commissions, and Task Force

"It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace and live in peace" - Shenandoah proverb.

Accessibility at PPCC

PPCC is striving to provide the best experience for students, staff and the community. Not only are we legally required to provide an accessible education (available to people of all abilities) through the American with Disabilities Act, we know that accessibility provides the best experience for everyone.

Accessibility Services

ACCESSibility Services strongly believes in diversity as an integral part of society and our college community. It is our mission and commitment to assist students with disabilities to self-advocate for equitable access to their academic environment.

African-American Employee Advisory Committee

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

PPCC’s BIT works to identify and intervene when student behaviors signal that deeper concerns may be present. Our goal is to become involved early in student issues – before incidents become crises. We depend upon you to help us promote a safe and productive PPCC community. PPCC’s BIT is committed to addressing your concerns quickly and effectively.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers: 1. Appointments with professional mental health counselors, 2. Short-term intervention (up to six sessions per mental health issue), 3. Referral to community resources to help students adjust to, cope with, and succeed in college, and 4. Crisis Intervention.

Diversity Team

To serve as diversity champions and exemplars; to guide and advise PPCC on policy, procedures and practices that support PPCC’s Strategic Plan and to shape a sustainable inclusive excellence initiative and a culture based on mutual respect and civility in which everyone can engage.

English as a Second Language

PPCC's English as a Second Language (ESL) is a semi-intensive language program based in Colorado Springs designed to meet the needs of those individuals who could use assistance with English language learning in order to achieve their academic, workplace, and personal goals.

Global Studies

We offer opportunities to experience and honor diverse cultures—right here at Pikes Peak and across the world.

Federal TRiO Student Support Services

The TRiO Student Support Services(SSS) grant program provides services to first generation, low income and students with disabilities to overcome social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education.The TRiO SSS program is one of several TRiO grant programs on campus designed to provide additional services to qualified participants.

Federal TRiO Disability Student Support Services

The mission of the TRiO Disabled Student Support Services (DSSS) is to support students with disabilities by enhancing their educational experience while they work for academic and personal success. DSSS assists students on their academic journey through peer tutoring and mentoring, assistive technology, scholarship search assistance, four year transfer information and social and cultural events.

Hispanic Advisory Committee

LGBTQ Ally Committee

Military and Veteran Students Office

PPCC provides support to all active duty, veterans and their family members by offering a host of general education courses like math, English, science and history -- online and traditional at multiple campus locations. We also offer career-training opportunities and have a first-class Military & Veterans Programs department to help you transition into the classroom.