TRIO Disabled Student Support Services (DSSS) is a grant program that provides academic, career, and financial services that are free to active participants. DSSS can serve 104 active students anually that can access all services mentioned below.

The goal-oriented staff of TRIO Disabled Student Support Services work to raise student grades and retention, until 80% of the DSSS participants will be in good academic standing and 75% of participants will persist from year-to-year. With the aid of campus visits, academic advising, and transfer counseling DSSS works to ensure at least 20% of the new participants graduate within 4 years and 18% graduate and transfer to a 4-year school.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a student with a record of a disability (documented on file with Accessibility Services)
  • Demonstrate a need for academic support to successfully complete an Associate’s Degree and/or complete an Associate’s Degree and transfer to a four-year college
  • U.S. citizen or Permanent Legal Resident

Services Provided

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Advising in Course Selection
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Information
  • Transfer Guidance & Assistance
  • No-Cost Confidential Mental Health Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Cultural Events
  • Academic, Career, and Financial Workshops
ACCESSibility Services

ACCESSibility Services is a separate service from TRiO DSSS that provides accommodations for new and returning students. You must be signed up with ACCESSibility Services to be eligible for TRiO Disabled Student Support Services.

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Student Support Services

Disabled Student Support Services should not be confused with Student Support Services, a similar but different TRIO program for students who are low income and students who are first generation. More information about SSS can be found here.

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