PPCC Online Learning

eLearning Department
Phone: (719) 502.3555 or (800) 456.6847 ext. 3555
email: eLearning@ppcc.edu

In addition to traditional on-campus courses, PPCC also offers courses by alternative delivery methods. There are sections delivered online, and also in a hybrid format.

The eLearning Department provides faculty support in the design and teaching of online and hybrid courses and offers an orientation program for students new to using Desire2Learn, the Colorado Community College System LMS (online Learning Management System) used for online, hybrid and to supplement many face-to-face courses.

All eLearning classes meet the same outcomes as their traditional counterparts, and prospective students must be admitted to the college and take placement tests before they can register for classes. New students who live far from PPCC may have to take placement tests at a different location before enrolling in classes. Testing can be completed at community colleges and other educational institutions around the country. Go to the National College Testing Association’s web site http://www.ncta-testing.org/ or check the Testing Center page for more information.

Log into the PPCC Online Campus now to access your course materials (same user name and password as the myPPCC portal registration system)